La Poblanita Taqueria Y Banquetes
1619 e Lake st
Minneapolis, M
N 55407

Monday - Saturday 9am-8pm

Sunday 9am-68m

" Home of the Taco Dorados Enchilados" The first and only Taqueria to sale Tacos Dorados Enchilados in the Twin Cities. Crunchiness, Little spicy, and with choice of meat. you. will come for more.


Our Handmade Tacos are made with 100% corn masa. Our Family Tortilleria in South Minneapolis cook and grained corn to make masa for tortillas.


Don't get me wrong Maseca Masa Quesadillas are good too but 100% corn Masa is something different. need to try our Corn Quesadillas, sopes, and Huaraches.